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Mobile Mapping Camera Systems

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AquiView – High Resolution Mobile Mapping Camera Systems

Our camera systems allow capturing of detailed street, urban infrastructure or railway industry information

With our innovative solutions, we enable the visual inspection of spatial environments. The solutions help creating digital twins of infrastructures in the highest resolution quality possible. 3D models can be generated for municipalities, construction companies, infrastructure operators, utilities or FTTX.. These can be used as a basis for the planning, calculation and realization of all kinds of infrastructure projects.

Our Solution

The recordings are made at a range of up to 420m, either from the roof of a moving car, a rail vehicle or a measuring vessel - without road, rail or construction site closures - and above all without any safety risks for your operators.

Extremely detailed and accurate

  • BIM modelling
  • Digital twins
  • Damage identification on roads, railways, in tunnels, factory buildings
  • Mass calculations
  • Construction progress control or documentation
  • As-built data collection
  • FTTx planning
  • HD maps for autonomous driving

Our Products

AquiView Panorama

Main features:

  • For virtual tours and generating digital twins
  • 6 x 24 MPix single cameras - 134 MPix as composite image
  • Output: two-dimensional images / panorama image
  • Focal length of lenses: 6.5 mm
  • Protection class IP64
  • Optional accessories: Mounting bracket, cable (plug and play)
  • TMX synchronisation software
  • Synchronises with Trimble MX9 or MX50

AquiView Planar

Main features:

  • For detailed visualization of regions of interest
  • Camera: 24 MPix
  • Lens focal lengths: 8 / 12 mm
  • IP67 protection class
  • Up to 6 cameras in one installation, thus up to 144 MPix in total
  • Additional accessories: mounting bracket, cable
  • TMX synchronisation software
  • Synchronises with Trimble MX9 or MX50

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